Fall Tree #3                               

Fall Trees #2

My love is the landscape. Some of the most potent moments of my life have occurred when, usually in solitude, I am struck with the awesome nature of our world, be it a magnificent view of broad landscape, or a wonderfully beautiful closeup of a tiny section of the world. The textural qualities of oil paints lead to a beautiful richness of expression that I use to help translate the experience of place.  My style is  abstracted realism - working towards a spareness of form for maximum effect.   I work both in the studio and do plein air, loving the experience of painting directly from nature.  

I have been a professional artist all my adult life, starting off as a woodturner, then moving into pastels and now into oils. I believe in following my own particular vision in my work. The sense of color, design, subject matter that stems from each persons particular life experience is what creates the ‘magic’ in a piece of art. I believe that an artist should never stop growing in their explorations of technical and poetic expertise, since art for me is an organic, living entity.  I live in the Southwest in the small town of Mountainair in New Mexico.

 Addie Draper

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