Ever since I was a child art has been in my life. It is a driving passion that pushes me on into many different explorations of the world around me, the lens through which I view life. I have chosen to paint the landscape, in part because our culture has removed us so much from the land. There is a deep emotional connection for us in the ever-changing world around us, and since I live with so much wonderful open space around me I have the opportunity to connect with that world.

Urban life tends to place a veil between us and the natural world, and it is that veil that I keep trying to lift, to reconnect with a world that is very essential to our ‘being ness’ in the world. I try to keep my pieces more as poetry than as direct representation, suggesting rather than stating. I want the viewer to take away their own interpretations, to create their own narrative.

I live on 40 acres outside the small town of Mountainair in New Mexico. I built a straw bale house, which was a whole other creative experience, actually IS a whole other creative experience since it is a work in progress, changing to keep up with my continuing ideas of the perfect life.



1972-1975           BA, Art and Philosophy, UNM

1975-1982           Furniture design and construction

1982-1993           Lathe turned and constructed objects

1993-2005           Pastels:  Abstracted Realism

2005-2010           Oils:  Abstracted Realism


St Louis Art Festival              1996          Lithograph and PR

Southwest Arts Festival         1996          Standards Choice

Magnifico                             1997          Award of Merit

St Louis Masters Show           1997          Best of Show

La Quinta Art Festival            1998          Most Promising new artist

Portland Art Festival              1999          First Place Pastels

Portland Art Festival              2000          Second Place Pastels

Portland Art Festival              2001          First Place Pastels

NMACF                                 2000          Third Place Category lll

Plaza Art Festival                   2000          Third Place

NMACF                                 2001           Third Place Category lll

NMACF                                 2012           Juror


Framing Concepts                            Framing Concepts Gallery     1997

Addie Draper                                   Norton Gallery                      1998

Mountains, Rivers, and Madonnas                                                 1998

Built Objects                                    Dartmouth Gallery                 1998

Through the Looking Glass: Alternative Pastels                              1999

One woman Show                            St Louis                                 1999

Color:  Pastels                                 Johnsons Gallery                    2000

Through the Looking Glass: Alternative Pastels                              2001

10 Person Show                              Johnsons Gallery                    2001

New Perspectives and Revisitations                                               2002


Southwest Arts Fair                 1993-2002                       Albuquerque, NM

Scottsdale Arts Fair                 1995-1999                       Scottsdale, AZ

St Louis Art Fair                      1995-1998                       St. Louis, MO

Cherry Creek Art Festival         1997, 1998                       Denver, CO

Ann Arbor Street Art Show      1997, 2000, 2002              Ann Arbor, MI

Masters Art Fair                      1997, 1998                       St. Louis, MO

Cottonwood Art Festival          1997-2005, 2010             Dallas, TX

La Quinta Art Festival              1998, 1999                      La Quinta, CA

Portland Art Festival                1998-2003                      Portland, OR

Plaza Art Festival                     1999, 2002                     Kansas City, MO

Bellevue Art Festival                 1999-2003                     Seattle, WA

Rest of the Best                       2000                               Seattle, WA

Coconut Grove                         2001                               Coconut Grove, FL

Naples Art Festival                   2001, 2002                     Naples, FL

OKC Arts Festival                     2001                               Oklahoma City, OK

NMACF                                    1999-2005, 2008-2010  Albuquerque, NM

State Street Art Festival             2001, 2003, 2005           Ann Arbor, MI

Rio Grande Arts Festival            2008-2009                     Albuquerque, NM

Placitas Arts Festival                 2007 -2010                     Placitas, NM

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